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Antarctica's hidden world - Antarctica's Gamburtsev Province Project (AGAP)

In a multinational venture to cap the global scientific deployment known as International Polar Year, teams of scientists, engineers, pilots and support staff from the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Australia and China join forces to mount one of the most scientifically, technically and physically ambitious Antarctic projects yet to be undertaken.

Video Introduction

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Find out more about this exciting project and keep up to date with progress:

The science overview
What the project will be studying

The science mission
What questions does the project aim to answer

The logistics mission
How the mission was planned

The aircraft mission
Aircraft used and schedule of flights

Meet the team
Scientists and support staff taking part in the project

Notes from the field
Blogs and diaries from scientists and support staff

Looking through the ice
Instruments and techniques used to explore the Gamburtsev mountains

What we know about the Gamburtsev Mountain Range
A history of exploration of the Gamburtsev Mountain Range