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Ian Potten - Twin Otter Pilot

Pilot Ian Potten
Pilot Ian Potten
Name: Ian Potten

Job title: Twin Otter Pilot

Role in AGAP: My principal job will be to fly the survey Twin Otter on predefined very long and straight lines. Which sounds very straight forward, but this job requires that they be flown with an accuracy & smoothness far beyond that needed for regular A to B passenger or freight flying. Anything less will compromise the accuracy of the survey.

Looking forward to: I don’t think I’ll ever again be offered the chance to help map a previously unseen mountain range. Also I’m looking forward to working with people from other nations’ Antarctic programmes. And of course visiting parts of Antarctica I’ve not been to before.

Previous Antarctic experience: Three previous summer seasons flying a Twin Otter for BAS. Based at both Rothera & Halley.