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In-depth features

Feature articles from the BAS website homepage

  1. University of Cambridge Science Festival - Climate Week
  2. Antarctica's Gamburtsev Province Project - New discoveries from Antarctica's 'ghost mountains'
  3. Studentships at BAS - the coolest place for research in the world!
  4. Wanted: mechanical services technicians, electricians, carpenters & mechanics
  5. Dr Emily Shuckburgh talks climate change on BBC R4
  6. David Barnes talks to Planet Earth online about bryozoans and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
  7. Claire Lehman talks to Planet Earth online about how the seas change in Antarctica
  8. Coolest job in the world: Plumbers & Penguins - follow two BAS new recruits, employed after the 2009 public recruitment drive for tradespeople
  9. Atmosphere - exploring climate science at the Science Museum
  10. Claire Lehman talks to Planet Earth online about diving under Antarctic ice
  11. BAS Annual Report 2009–2010
  12. David Barnes talks to Planet Earth online about plastics in the oceans
  13. Richard Phillips talks to Planet Earth online about Arctic terns
  14. BAS biologist Prof. Pete Convey blogs for National Insect Week
  15. Find out about Antarctica's 'Ghost Mountains'
    Live webcast with BAS's Tom Jordan
  16. IPY Oslo Science Conference 8-12 June 2010
  17. Dr Eric Wolff elected as Fellow of the Royal Society
  18. The discovery of the Ozone hole 25th Anniversary
  19. Huw Griffiths talks to Planet Earth online about Antarctic biodiversity
    The Planet Earth Podcast
  20. Mapping Antarctica
  21. Environmental Data Collection, Management and Availability
    British Antarctic Survey Policy Statement
  22. Lake Vostok
    New research sheds light on Earth’s coldest temperatures
  23. The Planet Earth Podcast
    British Antarctic Survey’s Eric Wolff talks to Planet Earth online about climate change uncertainties
  24. British Antarctic Survey Climate Change Position Statement
    Summary of BAS’s views on climate change and what BAS is doing to improve advice given to policy makers.
  25. First comprehensive review of the state of Antarctica's climate
    Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment - published 1 December 2009
  26. Penguins from space!
    Satellite images of penguin poo reveal the location of emperor penguin colonies.
  27. Antarctic Treaty 50th Anniversary 2009
    How do BAS contribute to the world's most successful international agreement?
  28. Polar Science for Planet Earth
    New Science programme for the British Antarctic Survey - April 2009
  29. Frozen in time - fossils from the Antarctic
    The 'Type and Figured' fossil collection at the British Antarctic Survey
  30. Solar Energy
    Low carbon solutions to heat water and air in Antarctic Research Stations
  31. Antarctica’s Hidden World
    Antarctica’s Gamburtsev Province Project (AGAP)
  32. The ice man cometh
    Ice core scientist Dr Robert Mulvaney explains how he mines the tiny bubbles of ancient air trapped in ice for information
  33. Boating on ice
    A day in the life of the Rothera boatman
  34. Climate change in our world
    Use the power of Google Earth to explore and learn about the potential impacts of climate change and find out how you can make a difference.
  35. Polar Science for Planet Earth
    What do the polar regions tell us about climate change?
  36. Ice Station Antarctica
    Blockbuster exhibition created in partnership with the Natural History Museum
  37. Pine Island
    Measuring one of the world’s largest glaciers
  38. ‘High-Def’ view of Antarctic
    A team of researchers from NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the National Science Foundation (NSF) and British Antarctic Survey (BAS) unveiled…
  39. Several degrees below canvas
    Each year, dozens of British Antarctic Survey researchers head south for an Antarctic summer of science. For many, that means spending up to three months in a tent…
  40. On a Wing and a Prayer
    Albatrosses are icons of the Southern Ocean, but all bar two of the 21 species are now threatened with extinction…
  41. Antarctic rock band Nunatak
    Live Earth July 2007. British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station’s house band perform for the global concerts to raise awareness of climate change
  42. International Polar Year 2007–2008
    The major international scientific research effort that is International Polar Year was launched in March 2007…