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Polar View satellite enhances ice studies

Sea Ice
Sea Ice

Presentation summary for the IPY Science Conference 2010 in Oslo by Andrew Fleming

A powerful satellite system developed during International Polar Year provides real-time access to very high quality images of sea ice, snow, rivers, lakes, ice and glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctica. Scientists and national polar organisations benefit from ‘Polar View’ in their quest to understand changes in the polar environment and to plan field campaigns and ship operations in these frozen worlds.

Enhanced safety and access to quality ice data resulting from the creation of Polar View is a major benefit of this IPY partnership project.

Session information

Andrew Fleming

Mobile: +44 (0)7989 306566

Wednesday 9 June @ 14.00
Session: T5-5

For the first time local communities, businesses and policy makers in the North have access to reliable new information to help them adapt to a changing environment and perhaps mitigate the associated risks.